The Plight of Paris’s Riverside Booksellers 拯救巴黎獨特人文景觀:「綠色舊書攤」

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2019/05/28 第416期 訂閱/退訂看歷史報份直接訂閱

The Plight of Paris’s Riverside Booksellers  拯救巴黎獨特人文景觀:「綠色舊書攤」
by William Ryan


   Small, independent, secondhand booksellers have been part of the Parisian landscape for centuries. The city’s present-day free-spirited book peddlers trace the roots of their tradition back to the era of bohemian intellectualism, of __1__ the French remain proud. Some 250 book vendors, or bouquinistes, occupy trademark green stalls along the banks of the beautiful river Seine, making up “the world’s largest open-air bookshop.” An integral part of Parisian culture, these bouquinistes are obliged to be open at least four days a week, plying their wares rain or shine, summer or winter. But all is not well. In this age of social media and online games, sales of used books have plummeted. __2__ visitor numbers since the 2015 Paris terrorist attacks and a general lack of interest in literature among youth are also part of the problem. Some sellers have __3__ selling souvenirs alongside their books just to eke out a living. But help for the bouquinistes could be on the way.
  The Cultural Association of Paris Bouquinistes, with broad popular and political support, has launched a __4__ to be granted UNESCO World Heritage intangible cultural heritage status. The long, demanding ordeal, if successful, would enhance their recognition and hopefully translate to increased book sales. If they ultimately fail, the vendors would be no worse off for the publicity. Ironically, some booksellers strongly oppose the UNESCO initiative __5__ a positive outcome could mean they would no longer be permitted to sell souvenirs. Either way, their fate will remain uncertain for years to come.
1. (A) what (B) that (C) whom (D) which
2. (A) Decline (B) Declining (C) Declined (D) To decline
3. (A) resorted to (B) recovered from (C) refused to (D) refrained from
4. (A) protest (B) survey (C) campaign (D) demonstration
5. (A) in order that (B) for fear that (C) as soon as (D) as long as


1. ... trace the roots of their tradition back to the era of bohemian intellectualism, of which the French remain proud.
a. 本題測試關係代名詞 which 的用法:
which 是用以代替除「人」以外一切事物的關係代名詞,使用時其前要有先行詞(即名詞)。此外,which 在所引導的形容詞子句中要作主詞或受詞,否則 which 之前一定要有介詞。
• Alan’s duties at work include responding to customer complaints, of which he is not very fond.
b. 空格前有名詞 bohemian intellectualism(波西米亞知性主義)及介詞 of,空格後為一完整子句,根據上述 a 點可知,空格內應置入可代替事物的關係代名詞 which,以引導形容詞子句修飾前面的先行詞,故 (D) 為正選;(C) whom 為表人的關係代名詞,故不選。
c. what 為複合關係代名詞,使用時前面不可有先行詞,而 that 作關係代名詞時其前不可有逗點,故 (A)、(B) 均不可選。

2. Declining visitor numbers since the 2015 Paris terrorist attacks and a general lack of interest in literature among youth are also...
a. decline vi. 下降 & vt. 婉拒,拒絕
declining a. 下降的;衰退的
• The number of frogs in the lake has declined since an alligator moved in.
• The country is taking steps to boost its declining birthrate.
b. 空格後有對等連接詞 and 與名詞詞組 a general lack of interest in literature among youth(年輕人對文學普遍缺乏興趣),得知空格所在位置亦為一名詞詞組以形成對等,而後方的 be 動詞 are 為本句的主要動詞,故空格應置入形容詞或分詞以修飾 visitor numbers(遊客數量)。
c. 選項 (B) Declining 為形容詞,置入後符合語意,故為正選;(C) Declined(被拒絕的)雖可作形容詞用,惟語意不合,故不選。

3. Some sellers have resorted to selling souvenirs alongside their books...
a. (A) resort to N/V-ing  訴諸……(手段、方法等)
• Ken ran out of cash and had to resort to using his credit card.
(B) recover from...  從……中復原
• Beth recovered from her spinal injury and is now running in marathons.
(C) refuse to V  拒絕做……
• The spokesman refused to comment on that issue.
(D) refrain from V-ing  抑制/克制(做)……
• It is not easy for small children to refrain from talking and moving around.
b. 根據語意,一些賣家會「採取」在書旁擺放紀念品一起販售的「方法」以維持生計,故 (A) 為正選。

4. ... has launched a campaign to be granted UNESCO World Heritage intangible cultural heritage status.
a. (A) protest n. 抗議(行動)
• We held a protest to raise awareness of animal abuse.
(B) survey n.(民意)調查
• The company conducted a market survey before launching its new product.
(C) campaign n.(社會、宣傳)運動
• The groups are going to launch a campaign against corruption.
(D) demonstration n. 示威
• The angry citizens launched a demonstration in front of city hall.
b. 根據語意,巴黎舊書攤文化協會發起一項「運動」尋求獲得聯合國教科文組織世界遺產非物質文化遺產的地位,故 (C) 項應為正選。

5. Ironically, some booksellers strongly oppose the UNESCO initiative for fear that a positive outcome could mean they would no longer be permitted to sell souvenirs.
a. (A) in order that + S + V  如此/以便……
• Karen goes swimming regularly in order that she stays healthy.
(B) for fear that + S + V  唯恐……
• Ruth stood still for fear that the dog might bite her.
(C) as soon as + S + V  一……就……
• As soon as I finished the job, I went home.
(D) as long as + S + V  只要……
• I will forgive you as long as you give me a reasonable explanation.
b. 空格前提及,有些書商強烈反對這項倡議,由此推知,理由應是他們「唯恐」正面的結果可能表示他們無法再販售紀念品了,故 (B) 項應為正選。

1. plight n. 困境
• Everyone who made donations helped the plight of the flood victims.

2. peddler n. 小販
peddle vt. 兜售;叫賣
• Nick travels around the country peddling his products.

3. trademark n.(人或物的)標記;商標
• The actor is usually seen wearing his trademark baseball cap.
• The company registered its trademark to prevent it from being copied by its competitors.

4. integral a. 不可或缺的
be integral to N/V-ing  對……是不可或缺的
• Happy employees are integral to a company’s success.

5. plummet vi. 暴跌,急遽下降
• Banana prices have plummeted in recent months.

6. grant vt.(尤指官方或正式地)准予;給予
be granted sth  被給予某物
grant sb sth  給予某人某物
• The university granted Emma a scholarship.

7. ordeal n. 嚴峻考驗,苦難
• Many people feel that it’s an ordeal to have to give a speech in front of others.

8. enhance vt. 提高;加強
• The music at the French restaurant enhances the atmosphere.

9. ultimately adv. 最後,最終
• An unbalanced diet will ultimately lead to physical illness.

10. ironically adv. 諷刺地
• Ironically, Lily ended up losing all her money by following her financial advisor’s suggestion.

11. oppose vt. 反對,反抗
oppose N/V-ing  反對……
= object to N/V-ing
= be opposed to N/V-ing
• George opposed adopting Tim’s proposal because he did not think it was feasible.

12. initiative n. 倡議;率先,主動
take the initiative  採取主動
• Charles is shy and never takes the initiative in anything.


bohemian a. 波西米亞的
intellectualism n. 知性主義
stall n. 攤位
open-air a. 露天的
ply vt. 兜售
wares n. 商品(恆用複數)
terrorist n. 恐怖分子
souvenir n. 紀念品
heritage n. 遺產
intangible a. 無形的
 tangible a. 有形的;實際的
demanding a. 嚴峻的;費力的;苛求的
recognition n. 認可;肯定
publicity n. 宣傳;名氣;公眾的注意

1. trace... back to...  將……追溯至……
• Tina can trace her family history back to the 18th century.

2. make up...  構成/組成……
• Asians make up 4% of the US population.
亞裔占美國人口的 4%。

3. be obliged to V  有義務要……
oblige vt. 使有義務
• Paul feels that he will be obliged to take care of his parents when they get older.

4. all is well / all is not well  情況很好/情況不好
• All is not well with Jack’s company.

5. be on the way  在進行中;在途中
• Economists fear a recession is on the way.

6. translate to / into...  轉變成……(特定狀態或結果)
• Recent serious economic problems are beginning to translate to a demand for reforms.

7. be worse off  (經濟狀況)更差;每況愈下
be better off  (經濟狀況)更佳;處境變好
• Danny was worse off after he got fired.
• Tom is better off now that he has started moonlighting as a taxi driver.
*moonlight vi. 兼差

eke out a living / an existence  勉強維持生活
eke vt. 增加,補充
• Terry struggled to eke out a living on his tiny income.
a. live from hand to mouth  生活拮据,勉強糊口
• Struggling actors often live from hand to mouth.
b. make ends meet  使收支相抵,勉強維持生計
• Despite working two jobs, David can hardly make ends meet.
c. keep the wolf from the door  勉強維持生計
• As a student, Molly took an evening job to keep the wolf from the door.
d. feel the pinch  (賺錢不如以往多而)感到拮据
pinch n. & vt. 捏,擰
• Lucy’s employer was starting to feel the pinch and laid off half of the employees.
e. scrape by / along  勉強維持生計
scrape vi. 勉強獲得
• Larry lost his job, so his family had to scrape by on one small salary.



  幾個世紀以來,小型的獨立二手書商已然成為巴黎風景的一部分。這座城市現今無拘無束的書籍小販將其傳統的根源追溯至法國人仍感到驕傲的波西米亞知性主義(編按:將人類的精神(靈魂)三分為「理性」、「意志」、「慾望」,重視知性與理性。也稱作主智論、主知論)時代。約有兩百五十家書攤(或稱為「綠色舊書攤」)沿著美麗的塞納河沿岸占據著指標性的綠色攤位,構成了「世界上最大的露天書店」。這些綠色舊書攤是巴黎文化中不可或缺的一部分,不論晴雨及冬夏,他們一週須至少營業四日販售自己的商品。但目前狀況並不太妙。在這個社交媒體和網路遊戲的時代裡,二手書籍的銷量驟減。自 2015 年巴黎恐攻事件以來下降的遊客數量,以及年輕人對文學普遍缺乏興趣也是問題的一部分。一些賣家採取在書旁擺放紀念品一起販售的方法,僅僅為了維持生計。不過對於綠色舊書攤的幫助可能正在展開。
1. D 2. B 3. A 4. C 5. B


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